Basic overview of some datatypes in python

The data types in python mostly used :

  1. Numerical data type

#Learn about type() command .

Basics of Numerical data type:

All the mathematical calculations can be done for numerical data types,most commonly used numeric data types are int,float mostly.A brief glimpse of numeric data type and operations you can do on it

Just the basic of it for a little bit more stuff go through the notebook link which i will be sharing at the end

Basic string operations you can do

Basic string operations are indexing and slicing and the concept of indexing and slicing works not only for strings but also for other data structures like lists etc .

Before going for boolean data type let’s have a quick look at data type conversion

Boolean data types are :True and False

They are powerful when used with comparison operators can’t explain much in words because it is something you will get to know when you experiment with code

The link for the notebook


Happy learning ….




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Kasinath Reddy

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